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  • Community Day

  • Thursday 19 October 2017
  • One of the major objectives of the Planetary Congress is to educate the general public to manned exploration of space and invite the next generation to cultivate its inquisitiveness and interest in exploring new worlds.

    In this respect, the Association of Space Explorers pays particular attention to the educational community as a whole. During the Congress, one day will be dedicated to young people – the Community Day.

    During this particular day, astronauts will, individually or in pairs, share their experiences and knowledge with students of all levels (primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, universities, specialized care centres…).

    In 2017, the Planetary Congress will be hosted by the Cité de l’espace in Toulouse. This year’s motto will be – Space is my future.

  • Une ouverture la veille à 18h00

    La veille, le 18 octobre à la Cité de l’espace, la Table ronde-évènement  « Je, Tu, Nous, ELLES SPATIALent »,  organisée par l’association Women in Aerospace Toulouse et Telespazio France, ouvrira toutes les rencontres du Community Day.  

    « Je, Tu, Nous, ELLES SPATIALent » ambitionne de faire découvrir au plus grand nombre la richesse et la diversité des métiers du spatial au travers de témoignages d’acteurs connus ou non de cette filière.

    Animé par le  journaliste Boris GEORGELIN, l’évènement se déroulera sous le haut parrainage de la marraine de l’évènement, première femme française dans l’espace et connu mondialement pour son rôle dans le secteur spatial, Claudie HAIGNERE.

    Inscription : Ouverture prochainement 
  • Where?

    The Cité de l’espace is a strategic place for the space sector. From a scientific perspective, Toulouse is chairing the Ariane Cities Community and is considered as the European crossroad for space technologies. From an educational perspective, the « pink city » gathers many schools – from high schools to prestigious universities – including sections dedicated to space studies.

    The Cité de l’espace is education-based by nature and develops many activities for school and academic audiences, in partnership with National Education institutions and education stakeholders.  It focuses on developing an educational programme and projects intended for every student and aiming at whetting their appetite for scientific careers and spatial and astronomical sectors.

    The Cité de l’espace naturally collaborates with the Association of Space Explorers to develop a programme for the Community Day and makes good use of its knowledge and experience of the French educational sector.  
  • To whom?

    The Community Day essentially concerns the next generation, representing the future of the space sector – Space is my future. Astronauts are thus invited to meet young people regardless of their social conditions or geographical origins. But it does not only concern young people, it concerns every education stakeholder, whether they are parents, teachers, partners, museums or education onlookers.

    The Community Day is directed to every stakeholder of the educational community, starting with students of all ages and conditions on a national scale.  Any French educational institution (primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, universities…) can apply for hosting an astronaut (or a pair) on specific terms. 

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